Orient Bay

The Village

An Authentic and Picturesque Creole Village!

"The festive architecture that we want to create must have a natural look, like an evidence. Detail is of first importance, light and colors are as much significant as lines and materials.
What we believe to be just happening is in fact the result of successive experiences, which lead to success and harmony without ever forgetting joy"

Xavier BOHL, Architect of the project.

Xavier BOHL, architect and town planner, developped a style out of respect for Fançois SPOERRY, who created and realized Port Grimaud. He was his close associate from 1984 until the death of the master. Based in Port-Grimaud, Xaier BOHL kept serveral collaborators of François SPOERRY.
"Our sources," explains Xavier BOHL, "are the happy success of the past with joy, colors, emphasizing local characeristics and respecting human nature : a delicate architecture in the spirit taught by François SPOERRY."

Village d'Orient, a place of harmony. In perfect harmony with the site and the atmosphere of Saint Martin, showing the joy and the vitality of its residents, le Village d'Orient is a human size residential estate.

Its houses "Caribbean style" give a great share to colors, space and nature.

Between boutiques, restaurants, terraces and "cafés", it creates a village spirit inviting to stroll and to "dolce vita".